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Search & Rescue

Christy Hovercraft team designed these models in close cooperation with representatives of interested search & rescue service and organizations from different countries. When developing models, the requirements for increased load, ease of operation and maintenance were taken into account, as a result of work we were able to maintain and increase the traditional advantages of Hovercraft Christy: versatility, high cross-country ability, maneuverability, economy and, of course, reliability!
Christy Hovercraft team has been developing, manufacturing and supplying hovercraft for more than 15 years. The accumulated experience, constant research, the use of the latest achievements in the field of materials science and aerodynamics allowed us to create a line of perfect amphibians for search and rescue and humanitarian operations in coastal, tidal, flood zones, on marshy, silty soils, on clean or covered with ice/snow water surface - at any hard-to-reach point.
Unique amphibiousness allows you to overcome obstacles up to 0.5 m (1.64 ft), transporting up to 1600 kg (3520 lb) of payload or special equipment at speeds up to 65 km/h (40 mph) in any weather, any time of the year. For Christie’s hovercraft search and rescue boats, any relatively flat surface is an excellent road suitable for quick specialist delivery! Christie hovercraft is easy to transport to the right place, does not require a pirs, has a comfortable heated cabin.
From an environmental point of view, Christy Hovercraft is safer than most vehicles. It does not violate the vegetative cover of the surface on which it moves, does not harm small animals and fish.

Christy Rescue 4 Series

Search and rescue hovercrafts of small size are indispensable for operational inspection among the rubble in flood zones. Especially convenient for a visual search of victims under the crowns of trees, canopies. Low weight hovercraft allows you to quickly deliver it to the desired point. Transportation is carried out in a semi-trailer (delivered by individual order), it is permissible to use a car as a tractor.


Christy 458 OC Rescue

Passenger seats4 pers
Payload380 kg
(837.8 lb)
On the air-cushion (L.W.H.)5.7 m
(18.7 ft)
Thrust engine35 hp
Lift engine23 hp

Christy Rescue 5 Series

The Christy hovercraft is the perfect vehicle for rescue operations on ice. The hovercraft can come close to the injured without the risk of causing additional injuries to the rigid hull and without breaking the ice beneath it, which is excluded when using displacement vessels. A warm and comfortable cab helps minimize the effects of hypothermia.


Christy 5123 FC Rescue

Passenger seats5 pers
Payload500 kg
(1102.3 lb)
On the air-cushion (L.W.H.)6.4 m
(21 ft)
Thrust engine100 hp
Lift engine23 hp

Christy Rescue 6 Series

The Christy Search and Rescue hovercraft is convenient for patrolling areas of natural disasters and emergencies. The design of the vessel provides high amphibious qualities regardless of weather and season, which significantly reduces the risks for the rescue team. High snow cover, open water among the frozen water surface or sandbanks with fragments of stones and tree trunks are not an obstacle to the quick and comfortable movement of the crew.


Christy 6146 FC Rescue

Passenger seats6 pers
Payload550 kg
(1212.5 lb)
On the air-cushion (L.W.H.)6.6 m
(21.7 ft)
Thrust engine120 hp
Lift engine26 hp

Christy Rescue 8 Series

If you need to urgently evacuate people from a dangerous situation or help them if there are no roads at all, Christy Search and Rescue, an air-cushioned amphibian, will help you. A large margin of autonomy allows you to achieve a goal remote from the base, at a considerable distance. The high maintainability of amphibians in the field will ensure the fulfillment of the task even in emergency cases. Amphibian Christy Rescue is a real all-terrain cruiser. By prior arrangement, a capacious cabin can be equipped with seating and/or lying places.


Christy 8186 FC Rescue

Passenger seats8 pers
Payload750 kg
(1653.5 lb)
On the air-cushion (L.W.H.)7.4 m
(24.3 ft)
Thrust engine176 hp
Lift engine28 hp

Christy Rescue 9 Series

For organizing a mobile medical center, Christy Search and Rescue 9 Series is ideal. An expanded cab allows you to conveniently place the necessary devices and equipment. The high speed and all weather conditions of the vessel make it possible to quickly provide medical care at critical points, moving the medical station as necessary.


Christy 9204 FC Rescue

Passenger seats9 pers
Payload900 kg
(1984.2 lb)
On the air-cushion (L.W.H.)8.3 m
(27.2 ft)
Thrust engine176 hp
Lift engine28 hp

Christy Rescue 14 Series

Universal platform Christy 14240 is a strong assistant in helping the injured, a large range, high amphibiousness and speed will allow us to quickly deliver a sufficient amount of medicines, food and take out the wounded on a return flight.
The platform can be equipped with equipment for environmental monitoring, analysis of pollution, weather conditions or any other with a total weight of up to 1600 kg (3525 lb).


Christy 14280 PC Rescue

Passenger seats2(6) pers
Payload1600 kg
(3527.4 lb)
On the air-cushion (L.W.H.)10.7 m
(35.1 ft)
Thrust engine240 hp
Lift engine40 hp

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