Hovercraft Christy-6146 Limited Edition at 2021 prices

20 Apr 2022

Christy 6146 hovercraft quote

In celebration of our new North American production facility, the first 100 orders will receive a discount of 15% from list price.

Christy 6146 FC

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ChristyHovercraft team has prepared an exclusive offer for New hovercrafts of the best-selling 6 series - Christy-6146.

For your information, Christy-6146 is more amphibious and comfortable compared to Christy-5146. Christy-6146 also has a higher carrying capacity and engine power.

You can also choose the
hovercraft colour and the cab version (OC - open, PC - half-cab, FC - closed).

You will receive a draft contract and a final quote right after your request.

The payment terms are flexible, and the production time is the quickest possible!

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for the details.

Christy-6146 FC

Confirm YOUR INTEREST and Get the deal Christy 6146!


2. Cab configurations to choose:

All models can be made in Cargo or Rescue versions

Christy 6146 OC
Christy 6146 OC (Open cabin)
Christy 6146 PC
Christy 6146 PC (Part cabin)
Christy 6146 FC
Christy 6146 FC (Full cabin)


3. Colour to choose:

By clicking on the color below you will see how your hovercraft will look


Christy-6146 FC

By clicking on the following links you can watch the amphibious capabilities of the vessel of the Christy 6 series project:



4. Main technical characteristics of Christy 6146:

Main dimensions of the vessel: (Lengh/Width/Height)
    Skirt deflated: 5900×2200×2300 mm or 19.4×7.3×7.6 feet
   Skirt inflated: 6600×3100×2750 mm or 21.7×10.2×9 feet
Dry mass of vessel - 1100 kg or 2425 lbs;
The recommended operating speed is 55 km/h or 34 mph
     Beach, shallow water - 40-50 km/h or 25 to 31 mph
     Short grass - 30-35 km/h or 18 to 21 mph
     Smooth ice, heavy snow - 50-60 km/h or 31 to 37 mph
Maximum speed on a solid surface - up to 70 km/h or 43 mph
Carrying capacity of vessel - 550 kg or 1212 lbs;
Passenger capacity - up to 6 people, including pilot.
Fuel tank capacity -60 l or 15.8 US Gallons;
Fuel consumption - 20-25 l/h or 5.2 to 6.6 USG/hr – gasoline AKI 92-95 (87-91);
The propulsion system consists of a thrust engine and a lift engine.
     Thrust – 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, 120 HP
     Lift – 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, 26 HP
Clearance -300-400 mm or 12 to 16 inches;
Allowable surface types - Ice and snow cover of any thickness, fresh and saltwater water of any depth, silt, sand, grass, wetland, flat desert;
The navigation period is year-round.


5. Basic operational characteristics:

The height over obstacles 300-500 mm or 12 to 20;
Seaworthiness (wave height) - up to 0.5 m or 1.6 feet (depredating on wave period);
Ambient operational temperature range -40°С to +50°С or -40° F to + 122° F;
Grade Ability – 8% at start-up and 30% when underway;
Carrying capacity of the vessel, including the mass of all passengers on board, supplies, personal belongings and any equipment not included in the design mass of the vessel unladen, cargo (if any) and all flow fluids (when filling all fixed tanks) - up to 700 kg or 1544 lbs over solid surface and to 550 kg or 1213 lbs over water;
To wrangle the hovercraft, the drive engine can be started and set at partial throttle.
Electrical equipment
On-board supply voltage - 12V, direct current.
All circuits are protected against overload with fuses.
Should the skirt be seriously damaged, a Christy can still run on its hull at low speed. If the main engine fails the craft can be towed while on lift but at no more than 20 km/h or 12 mph. It both engines fail, say when running out of fuel, the craft can be towed, but at a very low speed of not more that 6 km/h or about 4 mph.


6. Design:

The hull consists of composite elements made in the form of fiberglass sandwich panels with polyurethane foam. This exceptionally strong structure then creates buoyancy units, effectively making the hovercraft its own life boat, even at full load capacity.

The finished hull is non-corrosive and is resistant to both icing and ice freeze.

The flexible skirt is a well proven two-tiered classical design with the upper tier (balloon) being inflated by the lift engine, and is not a constant pressure cylinder. The second tier (lower) consists of independent row of sacrificial segments (fingers) of a hypolon or polyurethane fabric. Skirt fingers are independent and are easily replaceable in the field.

7. Basic configuration of hovercraft Christy 6146:

●Fiberglass hull - white
● Flexible fence - two-tier type of new generation with increased ground clearance;
● Closed cab (gull wing lift doors)
● Glazing: windshield - triplex, side windows - hardened
● Steering: centered
● First row: soft ship chair;
● Second and third row: U-shaped soft passenger sofa, 1 piece. (the configuration of the cabin can be changed at the request of the customer);
● Instrument panel - USB player with 2 columns, GPS speedometer, tachometer, engine temperature indicators, ignition switch, start buttons with oil pressure indication, hour meter, 12V socket, kill switch, toggle switches and circuit breakers
● Automotive air conditioning system (water heater)
● Signal and distinctive lights (side lights - 2 pcs., Circular white light - 1 pc.)
● Signal (ship's horn)
● Electric pump
● Prepared place for installation of navigation equipment
● Fuel tank, 60 l.
● Filler neck
● Screen wiper with electromechanical drive, 2 pcs.
● Windshield washer with two nozzles
● Anti-slip interior coating
● Anti-slip coating of side crinolines
● Battery - 65 a / h
● Engines:
   Thrust - 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, 120 HP
   Lift - 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, 26 HP
● Interior lighting (LED ceiling lamp)
● Cabin fire extinguisher (portable)
● Steering planes for trim correction
● Heading steering planes
● Lifting eyebolts, 4 pcs.
● Mooring cleats, 4 pcs.
● Improved air distribution system in the pillow
● The power plant is made according to a modular scheme
● Built-in buoyancy blocks
● Improved mounting system for propeller-driven installations with maximum vibration damping;
● Aviation gear reducer;
● Aviation 3-bladed propeller made of composite materials of the main propeller-driven installation;
● 9-bladed fan made of reinforced polyamide of the pressure propeller unit
● Vinyl logos

The manufacturer reserves the right to make design changes and change characteristics aimed at improving consumer properties without prior notice.


8. List of additional equipment (prices are available upon request):

1 Eyes to secure gear to side decks
2 Anti-splash apron at bow
3 Electric heated and controlled outside rear-view mirrors
4 Protective lift engine hood with flat deck to fasten cargo
5 LED light bar
6 Driving lights, one cabin top, one each running light stanchion
7 Yellow strobe, roof mounted
8 Non standard colour
9 Front trunk
10 Thrust propeller protective mesh
11 Roof railings
12 Search Light
13 50 Spare skirt fingers
14 Power ventilator, Cabin
15 Internal cabin grab handles for passengers
16 Grab handles 2 fore and to aft p/s on skirt
17 Skirt upgrade from two- to three-tiered with conctant pressure balloons integrated inside the skirt (c/w compressor)
18 Electrically heated glass windshield
19 Cargo hold with 2 deck covers (stern) and additional electric bildge pump
20 Second 65 A/h Battery Kit
21 Autonomous petrol air heater Kit
22 Electric winch
23 Plastic serving-table (portable)
24 Car air conditioner Kit
25 Shelves on the left and right sides
26 Spare thrust propeller 3 bladed
27 Spare thrust propeller 4 bladed
28 Spare lift propeller 9 bladed
29 Weatherproof cover for engines and propellers
30 Hovercraft protective cover (for transportation)
31 Boat handrail near windshield
32 Tempered sliding side window p/s at helm
33 Lift engine upgrade to 28 hp EFI
34 Electronic Tower
35 Pitch rudder drive, electromechanical
36 Additional equipment (radio, chartplotter, radar etc.)
37 Partial cab modification for the PVC doors installation
38 PVC doors

We hope that this offer has interested you and you will become the proud owner of our unique hovercraft Christy 6146!

We are waiting for your details for the preparation of the contract and invoice.

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The illustrations may contain accessories and optional items that are not included in the basic scope of delivery. Information about the configuration, appearance, power, dimensions, weight, fuel consumption and operating costs are given as of the time of preparation of the commercial offer.
The company is not responsible for possible errors and misprints in the text, as well as discrepancies regarding the color and shape of the hovercraft shown in the illustrations. Subject to change.
Possible deviations in color reproduction are due to the color-technical characteristics of the device from which the document is viewed.
Within the delivery period, the manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in design or shape, as well as deviations in color shades, if (taking into account the interests of the seller) such changes and deviations can be considered acceptable to the buyer.
Reprinting (including selective) is allowed only with the written consent of Christy Hovercraft Canada Ltd. TM ChristyHovercraft.

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