ChristyHovercraft completes production of two Christy 8186 FC Duct hovercraft

29 Jul 2021
Hovercraft Christy 6146 FC

News: The ChristyHovercraft team has successfully completed and implemented an important project for the production of two hovercraft for the Government of Canada  (for the exploration of the Arctic).

We present to your attention a video from the test drive of the Christy 8186 FC Duct hovercraft in the water area of the Gulf of Finland.

youtube Test drive of the Christy 8186 FC Duct hovercraft

youtube channel

Hovercraft Christy have the perfect balance of propulsion power with reliability, maintainability and availability  of spare parts.
Our hovercraft are extremely mobile - the procedure for loading or unloading onto a vehicle (which can be a simple trailer of an ordinary car) can be performed by 1-2 people within 3-5 minutes. Hovercraft without restrictions can be transported both on public roads and on country roads.
Hovercraft Christy have wide and comfortable side decks and, if necessary, a bowsprit area with a railing rail.
•All hovercraft are built on a modular basis with the ability to quickly replace components and power plants    if necessary.
•The body is completely made of composite materials (as opposed to the widespread aluminum). Fiberglass body parts are not subject to corrosion and icing.
•The applied flexible skirt provides our vessels with excellent amphibiousness and incredibly soft ride on waves and any other uneven surface, as well as excellent maintainability in the field. As a result, the cost of repairing or replacing flexible fencing is several times lower than for skeg hovercraft.
All segments are independent and can be easily replaced in the field from the surface of the earth within minutes without the laborious process of lifting the vessel.
Especially important: our own design bureau provides a full production cycle from sketch to finished product, which provides ample opportunities for quick conversion of the basic model into a cargo, rescue, fire fighting and other options at the request of the customer.

All mechanical components, components and composite materials are exclusively from the best  manufacturers in their field.

Order Christie's hovercraft with an exclusive design

For your information, here are some actual photos of this project. And also from our production in St. Petersburg.

Hovercraft Christy-8186 FC Duct Hovercraft Christy-8186 FC Duct Hovercraft Christy-8186 FC Duct Hovercraft Christy-8186 FC Duct
Hovercraft Christy-8186 FC Duct Hovercraft Christy-8186 FC Duct Hovercraft Christy-8186 FC Duct Hovercraft Christy-8186 FC Duct
Hovercraft Christy-8186 FC Duct Hovercraft Christy-8186 FC Duct Hovercraft Christy-8186 FC Duct Hovercraft Christy-8186 FC Duct
Hovercraft Christy-8186 FC Duct Hovercraft Christy-8186 FC Duct Hovercraft Christy-8186 FC Duct Hovercraft Christy-8186 FC Duct

    The changing climate has also increased demand for hovercraft, particularly for thin ice rescues  and flood rescues, everywhere, not just in the far north!

    Therefore; the scope of hovercraft use has dramatically expanded and a covid related pent up demand now exists. Christy Hovercraft are either now or can be employed as.....

    1: Search and Rescue - many models. (have orders now on hand) We have all seen the heartbreaking newscasts! The world is changing, floods are common, and a Christy hovercraft can do something that no other surface vehicle can, hover in place above swiftly flowing water to save a life! All First Responders need one!
    2: Military Service - 22 non-public variations. (only vehicle that can safely transit a mine field)
    3: Cargo Transport - many models
    4: Passenger Transport
        a. shuttle service - to and from a resort, etc.
        b. taxi service - between shore and ship or shore and island or shore and shore.
        c. water bus service - long distance water bus routes. (14 Series)
        d. scenic and/or exotic remote area tours on water courses. (orders pending)
    5: Oil Spill Mitigation
    6: Insect Control - sprays large areas that cannot be transited by any on-surface vehicle.
    7: Mineral Exploration, particularly on river/lake bottoms.
    8: Ambulance Service - Medical Transport - Mobile Clinics.
    9: Fire Fighting - for waterside buildings, islands, marine vessels.
    10: Away Boats for ships (orders for four 9 passenger units now on hand)
    11: Crop Spraying - will not damage budding shoots in newly planted fields.
    12: Hunting & Fishing
    13: Island Homes - All Season Commuting. (almost a daily enquiry, quotes pending)
    14: Pleasure/Recreation - in place of, or in addition to, a family boat (several orders now on hand)
    15: Camping - models configured for onboard living with bunks, head & galley.
    16: Scientific Research - Remote Exploring (orders for two now on hand - Government of Canada)
    17: Scuba Diving Platform
    18: Pump Platforms, moveable, thus easily serviceable pump platforms for wetland oil rigs.
    19: Marine or Island Contractor's Barge - flies over water to island, then overland to project.
    20: Police harbour & waterway patrols.
    21: Fish Farming - can fly over surface pen fence and act as work platform - (many in use)
    22: Refuse Collection - Christy has a pending order from French Guiana for a hovercraft fleet to collect toxic refuse in villages along 1000's of kilometres of that County's inland waterways. A special "Cargo" unit is being designed for this purpose.

Now is the best time to order a hovercraft of you dream!

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