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Hovercraft are unique in their ability to travel safely over water, ice, snow, tundra, swamp, liquid mud, and other such surfaces and do so in any season and any weather without damage to fragile vegetation.

A hovercraft turns Canadian Northern Rivers into Northern Highways, frozen or not! Heated enclosed cabins, defrosted windows, speeds of up to 100 kph and a range of 500 km+ offers the North a unique transportation method. A genuine game-changer!


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Transportation not only brings distant and/or remote communities together and ensures that those communities are well provisioned at all times, but also brings medical services nearer. Christy models can be adapted to create mobile medical and/or dental clinics.

Christy Hovercraft has a long history of service in the north, far north, sub-artic and artic. They are well proven in this service in Canada, and other Northern Countries.

Christy Hovercraft Canada Ltd. will soon be building all Christy Hovercraft sold in Canada, U.S.A., Mexico, Central America and South America in Brockville, Ontario, Canada. Christy Hovercraft Canada Ltd. does have a small staff now operating in Brockville who can be contacted at Otherwise, all other contacts are temporarily routed to St. Petersburg.

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Christy Hovercraft Canada News

ChristyHovercraft completes production of two Christy 8186 FC Duct hovercraft

ChristyHovercraft completes production of two Christy 8186 FC Duct hovercraft

The ChristyHovercraft team has successfully completed and implemented an important project for the production of two hovercraft for the Government of Canada (for Arctic exploration).

29 July

Christmas presents from Christy Hovercraft

The first five customers will receive Christmas presents from the company!

12 December 2019

Signed a contract for the construction of a hovercraft in retro style

At the request of a Toronto customer, the Christy Hovercraft team designed a retro-style hovercraft. The poroect is approved by the customer and a construction contract is signed.

25 November 2019

Christy Hovercraft will take part in OAFC 2020 Trade Show

12 November 2019

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Christy Hovercraft Geography

Our hovercrafts are successfully operated in the extreme, northern conditions of Siberia, Canada and Greenland, in the hot, humid climate of India, in the arid conditions of Kazakhstan and Australia.

Christy Hovercraft Geography

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